I am in better shape now at 37 then I was at 31

I have been a patient at Proper Balance Health for over 7 years.  I first came in for forward head posture.   I am not big on needles, cutting or surgery and PBHC has given me alternative treatment options to improve myself and avoid those types of medical treatments.  My treatment has changed over the years and I have been treated for everything from my neck to my lower back.  My treatment and exercises continue to change and fit my needs/various issues.  I am in better shape now at 37 then I was at 31, but you need to commit to it!

-Cliff P.

The. Shock. Wave. Do it.

THE. SHOCK. WAVE. Do it. I have Plantar Fasciitis. I was in horrible pain. I could barely walk without limping. One treatment with the shock wave and I was at least 70% better. Everyone is very nice. They all want to help you feel better as quickly as possible. They have a really convenient location in the South Loop a few blocks off the red line, and the office is nice and clean.

-Allison M

Pregnant and pain free

Dr. Christina is AMAZING. I went to her when I was 32 weeks pregnant and had such awful back pain I couldn’t do daily activities. Through adjustments and prenatal massage, I was able to get through the last few weeks of my pregnancy pain-free. Dr. Christina has two kids of her own and has “been there” so she really can be help not just physically but emotionally too.

-Lori O.

Lifesaver throughout my pregnancy

This place has been a life saver! During my first trimester of pregnancy I was experiencing intense back pain. Dr. Knox and her team created a well rounded approach to treat me with my pregnancy and safety at the core of the plan. Within 3 weeks my pain greatly decreased and it’s getting better every treatment! I am thrilled with the service and care they provide with chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy services! They are flexible with scheduling and make every aspect of treatment so easy. I can’t say enough great things about the team! Do yourself a favor and go (especially if you are pregnant)!!

-Sarah S.

Highly Recommend

Outstanding service and care throughout my entire treatment plan. I went to Dr. Knox with multiple sprains to my right ankle, that I had never properly dealt with. After undergoing all of the necessary tests, my treatment plan was devised to get my ankle back to full function. The PRP treatment was an instant success and along with the physio-therapy and the chiropractic adjustments, my body responded in the best way possible. I am now back playing regular sport, knowing that I can be confident in my ankle holding up as a result of the excellent care I received from Proper Balance Healthcare. I have since highly recommended Dr. Knox and her team to several people that I work with, for a course of treatment. I would also highly recommend Proper Balance to anyone who is looking for injury treatment.

-Joe V.

Back to normal

Went in here to get help with severe neck pain, within 3 days I was significantly better and within a little over a week was back to normal!  I Highly recommend this place.

-Lauren P.

I have never felt better

For a long time I suffered various minor injuries that kept from me from running consistently. Since I saw Dr Knox about a year ago I have never felt better. She has an amazing staff and I highly recommend Proper Balance if you are having any issues that require a chiropractor.

-Josh F.

It’s good stuff!

This office has a very warm atmosphere.  I am always welcomed with a smile, trickles down from the very top from Dr. Knox to the front desk.  I lost 22 lbs. and counting since starting the HCG diet at Proper Balance.  At first, it was tough to follow but once I stuck with it, it has certainly paid off!  I have continued to eat a similar diet and I am now much more conscious of how much I am eating.  The HCG diet has trained me to eat right and take better care of myself.  It’s good stuff!  This diet put me in a happier and better place.  I am now more motivated to get back in the gym and build strength.  I also have been coming for chiropractic treatment and physical therapy and I am able to touch my toes with out any back pain.  Also have been getting Shockwave treatment for an issue I have been dealing with since I was a teenager and I am finally seeing improvements!  I can’t say enough about how welcoming and nice the staff is.  I am so glad I decided to walk in the Proper Balance Health Care!

-Dennis W.

Great team

I came into the office because I have having terrible sciatica.  I was not able to sit, walk, stand or drive!  The pain was in the way of me enjoying my life.  I feel much better and can’t wait to continue to do maintenance so that I don’t have to experience that pain ever again.  I love the staff, Dr. Knox, Dr. Brittany, Carlos, Janelle, and Nina- you guys are the best!  You’re a great team.

-Rocco C.

I absolutely love the Pulstar device she uses for doing adjustments!! No surgery was needed and the problem never came back!

I have been a patient of Proper Balance for over 10 years to deal with chronic neck issues.  Sometimes my neck gets so tight that it is painful to move left or right.  Dr. Knox has always been able to treat my neck so that I am back to normal with just a few visits.  I absolutely love the Pulstar device she uses for doing adjustments!  I am phobic about getting my neck “cracked” to adjust it, and the Pulstar is non-invasive and makes getting chiro treatments an enjoyable experience!  Several years ago my sister was recommended by her doctor for neck surgery due to serious immobilizing pain in her neck.  I took her to Proper Balance and her neck was completely healed within a month!! No surgery was needed and the problem never came back!

-John K.

Dr. Knox and the entire staff are extremely thoughtful and motivating professionals with as much empathy as experience

I’ve had chronic pain issues and repetitive stress related injuries for years.  Prior to Proper Balance, I’ve been to countless doctors and specialists as well as physical therapy with no real relief.  The results and pain relief that I get from my treatment at Proper Balance are nothing short of remarkable.  Dr. Knox and the entire staff are extremely thoughtful and motivating professionals with as much empathy as experience…. Highly recommend Proper Balance!!

-Jared R.

The doctors are all so friendly and super helpful

Tuesdays are now my favorite day of the week.  The doctors are all so friendly and super helpful.  I haven’t had my back feel so at ease knowing that my problem is being taken care of.  The realignments make me feel like new and whole again.  I will continue to come here and recommend this clinic for anyone that has any back issues and/ or injuries.

-Janet S.

I thought I was always going to have to live with pain

The trigger point injections and physical therapy are great.  I thought I was always going to have to live with shoulder pain and TPI’s took that away.  Physical therapy consistency has helped my balance and strength improve greatly.  The adjustments have give me less hip pain and neck pain.  Emotionally- I feel less stressed and more focused on my health since starting treatment at Proper Balance.

-Brooke P.

My experience has been great. From the moment I walk in…

I had a really painful back injury, but with the help and care from the doctors and staff at Proper Balance, I was feeling much better after about just a month.  My experience has been great.  From the moment I walk in, Janelle the receptionist is super helpful and friendly.  My PT is always supervised by either Dr. B or Steve.  They make sure my form is correct and getting to the areas that need it the most, which is really important.  With my therapy, I choose trigger shots with nurse practitioner Nina.  She is the best!  My back has never felt so good and relaxed.  Trigger shots have definitely helped with my healing process tremendously.  Thank you Dr. Christina Knox and staff for taking such amazing care of me.

-Melissa H.

Great and friendly staff. High recommended

Had a bit of hip pain that wasn’t going away (and getting worse).  My wife recommended Proper Balance and over the course of 6 weeks of treatments and daily stretching exercises has made a world of a difference.  I’m a walker, so to be able to get around pain-free is a huge deal.  Great and friendly staff.  Highly recommended.

-Christopher M.

I am thankful to Dr. Knox and the entire team

About a year ago I came into Proper Balance to try a chiropractor to avoid a disc fusion neck surgery.  Dr. Knox came up with a plan and just days before the surgery, I decided to cancel it to give her treatment plan  a try.  It’s a year later….. my neck pain and numbness is gone and haven’t had to go back to the Dr. to discuss surgery options.  I am thankful to Dr. Knox and her entire team who helped through chiropractic adjustments, PRP, physical therapy, and massage on the area.

-Robert H.

She is highly knowledgeable and always fixes me right up

Dr. Knox and staff are great.  I have been coming here for years.  She is highly knowledgeable and always fixes me right up.  She takes good care of me head to toe, which is saying a lot, because I have ailments from the arthritis in my foot to the arthritis in my neck.

-Keisha N.

Kind, Professional service

Kind, professional service and the PRP treatment for hair loss has been working great.

-Dixit G.

The staff are very professional and knowledgeable and supportive

I have been using Dr. Knox services for over 5 years.  Her and her husband are a great, and the staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and supportive.  They provide a comprehensive menu of services and products to assist healing and enhance wellbeing.

-Sheree B.

Offer full service chiropractic care which is exactly what I need

My sister recommended me to Dr. Christina Knox and her staff.  This was the best decision that I have made dealing with the issues I have had with my left arm for the past three months.  This is definitely the place I need to be.  They offer a full service chiropractic care which is exactly what I need.  I go here to get the medical attention, help and care I need.  I love Dr. Knox and her entire staff.  The staff is very knowledgeable.  Thank you Dr. Knox and staff you are the best!

-Diane L

The knowledgeable honest and friendly staff make it worth traveling to the South Loop for an appointment!

I have been a patient of Proper Balance Healthcare for over 13 years now, always with positive results since my very first visit.  In September 2018, I walked into their office with a tear in my eye, because my pain was so severe.  I knew a trip to the ER would be a waste of time.  Only Dr. Christina Knox and her team was going to be able to sort out the root of my pain.  Within hours I had relief and a smile returned to my face.  Adjustments on the Pulstar Adjustment Machine, Stim Treatments, Ultasound treatments, posture exercises and new to me, Trigger Point Injections with the nurse practitioner.  The knowledgeable honest and friendly staff make it worth traveling to the South Lop for an appointment.

-Courtney D.

Feeling much better all the time now

I came in with all kinds of back, neck and shoulder pain. And within a month they fixed my problem. Feeling much better all the time now.

-Douglas D

I highly recommend Proper Balance

Dr. Christina, Dr. Angelica and Nurse Carol are amazing! Dr. Christina helped identify areas of my spine that needed adjustment as well as an issue with TMJ (jaw disorder) with Nurse Carol providing trigger point injections and Dr. Angelica leading my adjustments as well as physical therapy for my spine and after just a few weeks, my back feels better than ever and my pain from TMJ is completely gone! I highly recommend Proper Balance to anyone looking for neck/back pain relief as well as issues with TMJ. I’m very happy with the results!

-Juan M

Scheduling was friendly and easy

Thank you to Dr Steven J. Knox sharing info about hcg injections as an option to assist in weight loss. Scheduling was friendly and easy. Nurse Carol was extremely informative, helpful, patient & so supportive, as I was going thru my journey. I’m thrilled to say with a loss of 30lbs in 40 days is a great start to kick the rest of my summer improving myself. I was so pleased with my experience that I’ve indulged in Botox, PRP enhancement around the under eyes and look forward to my PRP facial in the next few weeks.

-Leila M

Thank you Proper Balance

These guys are an amazingly dedicated staff of health professionals, but more importantly, I am healing. They have everything from massage, traction, advanced adjustment machines, which measure your progress to Stem machines and PT. It is a whole body approach that has made sleep and exercise possible for me again after my back injury. Thank you Proper Balance!

-Amanda M

They go above and beyond

Dr. Christina Knox, Dr. Steve and their team are amazing! They go above and beyond what normal health providers would do to make sure that you get the best treatment plan that addresses your body issues as a whole! They provided me with total care for prenatal issues and are currently helping me with postnatal issues. I have been trying to lose weight after my pregnancy two years ago, but had no success prior to coming to Proper Balance. I recently started their Metabolic detox!

-Nicole L

I am so glad I found Proper Balance. They changed my life!

What a lucky find! I came in for a consult and Dr. Knox spent 45 minutes with me. Who spends that much time with a patient these days? On the follow up she had a care plan ready to go with the insurance coverage clearly spelled out. They offer a holistic approach with adjustments, massage and PT so it’s not just a snap and crack joint (pun intended!). The team was fantastic – Carol, Steve, Fran and Dr. Anjelica. I stand taller and straighter with much less pain thanks to all of them. I’m so glad I found Proper Balance. They changed my life!

-Annemarie D

Wish I had known sooner!

I wish I had known about Proper Balance sooner. They don’t just treat your one issue – they treat everything. They strengthen your core, they stretch your muscles, they’re very knowledgeable and I’m very happy I found this place. I highly recommend Proper Balance. PS. They do Botox as well.

-Cathy G

They offer superb Chiropractic care!

Years ago I was looking for a new Chiropractor in Chicago and was thrilled to find Dr. Knox and Proper Balance Healthcare. They offer superb Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy all of which I’ve experienced with wonderful results. The staff is super friendly & knowledgeable, appointment hours are convenient, and their prices are very reasonable. Recently I’ve received PRP Injections from Dr. James Joseph to treat my chronic ankle instability due to repeated ankle sprains. I definitely feel the repair and strengthening of my ankle since the PRP. Also, after a fall that injured my shoulder, I’ve been helped with plant based Serapin shots to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. This is one doctor’s office that I love to visit and know that I will always feel better after my appointment. Ever since I started getting monthly maintenance Chiropractic adjustments and Therapeutic Massages my body has felt stronger and healthier overall. Thank you Dr. Knox and Proper Balance Healthcare:)

-Tamara M

Change for the better

I have been a patient of Dr. Knox since 2009. I went there for migraine issues and found that I had a lot more than that going on. I had a weak core, forward head syndrome, I could not raise my arms above my head nor turn my head left or right without any degree of pain. My posture was severely off balance and the list goes on and on. Within 6 months to a year, all of my physical issues had either greatly improved or went away. I went there this past Tuesday, barely able to move my arm up or down due to some compressed nerve issues. I could not lift anything or put my coat on or reach to open a door. With treatment, my range of motion improved a lot by the next day. I will still need to continue treatment over the next few weeks until I am better in addition to the exercises recommended. For anyone who thinks chiropractic care does not work, it does! You must stay disciplined with whatever treatment plan your doctor recommends for you and you will see your mental and physical state change for the better!

-Michelle G

I am able to fulfill my familial responsibilities

Before coming to Proper Balance Health I have been dealing with severe pain in the back, shoulder, and neck and was just learning to “live with it”.  Until chiropractic, I wasn’t aware of just how much tension and pain I carried and it started decreasing and alleviating.  Physically, I began taking care of my body by following a diet plan and am feeling lighter and more energetic because I have less pain.  With the exercises I got during physical therapy, I have more flexibility.  The adjustments are have helped very much as well.  I am able to continue my familial responsibilities for longer periods of time with added energy and less pain.  Overall, I have been more positive and I look forward to continued improvement.

-Yvonne T

Team support at the office

Before starting treatment, my mental stamina wasn’t quite in the right place.  Stress was overarching my discipline.  With personal care and under the supervision and care of team Physicians at Proper Balance Health and Wellness, I am building a better and stronger discipline….. continuing to get stronger.  The support of each team member is helping me to be well.

-Ricardo C

Dr. Knox really cares about her patients

Very nice and modern wellness center! Dr Knox really cares about her patients. I definitely recommend to anyone in the area that needs chiropractic care or massage therapy.

-Jason C

“Flexibility of scheduling is great!”

Dr. Christina Knox and her staff are absolutely wonderful! I was able to get in right away after I injured my back. The flexibility of scheduling is great and I can even bring my toddler who colors and plays at the small table. But the best part of Proper Balance Health and Wellness Center is their wholistic approach, which makes for a faster and more balanced recovery!

-Tara B.

Headaches Gone After One Adjustment

My headaches were gone after just one adjustment! I had seen chiropractors before but never experienced such rapid results. Before I started seeing Dr. Knox and the rest of the crew at Proper Balance, I didn’t realize how much I could do to relieve the everyday pain I was living with. The myth that chiropractic adjustments are painful is totally obliterated at Proper Balance. Dr. Knox uses this great instrument called the PulStar, which makes adjustments feel as good as a massage! Speaking of massage, the massage therapists at Proper Balance are AWESOME! They have helped me so much with my tight shoulders and neck. The physical therapy I’ve gotten at Proper Balance has helped tremendously as well. The simple exercises are ones I can do at home and since they tend to focus on the whole core, my abs look better too! Since I ran a half-marathon about a year ago, I had been having pain and soreness in my right hamstring, which made working out more of a chore than usual. Had I known that the orthotic Dr. Knox recommended would correct my stride and make the hamstring pain disappear I would have been at Proper Balance much sooner! Really – the pain is totally gone and I still can’t believe I put up with it for so long when there was such a simple fix. It’s amazing how much better I feel and how much I’ve learned about how to help myself and improve and strengthen my body in just a few short months. I recommend Proper Balance with no reservations – they changed my life!

-Kathryn P

My M.D. Had No Clue

I’ve hurt my back a few times in the past and my MD always just gave me pain relievers or muscle relaxers, but the problem just kept coming back. I was very skeptical of chiropractors but after a friend convinced me to go to for a consult I looked on Yelp for a suggestion. I found Proper Balance and made an appointment.

They got me in right away and gave me a full assessment within 24 hours. Because I was in so much pain they were able to get me in multiple times over the next two weeks until the pain had subsided and started me working on a regular PT exercise schedule immediately. I have been going for about two months now and have no pain at all. My core is much stronger than it ever has been and they keep giving me tougher exercises to do so I am constantly being challenged. I just go in for a minor adjustment every week or so and some PT. Soon it will be a monthly visit or calling them if I need to come in.

As everyone else on Yelp writes, the best part about Proper Balance is the people. They obviously go out of their way to hire nice people who really care. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and their brand new office across the street from the old one is spotless and beautiful. It is also easy to get appointments that fit your schedule.

The other thing I love is that they do not overbook! When you get there for your appointment you either go straight in for massage therapy or start on your PT. I am always there an hour at the most compared to most doctors’ offices where you sit for 45 minutes past your appointment in order to see someone for five minutes. They appreciate the business and understand that your time is important to you.

-Michael B

Dr. Knox Cured My Chronic Sinus Infections

I went to Proper Balance Healthcare initially for a sinus infection. Going to a chiropractor for a sinus infection might come as a surprise (it was to me). But, after two months of discomfort and two rounds of antibiotics, I was still reeling from the infection. A friend referred me to Proper Balance and I saw Dr. Knox. I felt better almost immediately and was well on my way to my normal self the next day.

Dr. Knox explained how the spinal cord impacts overall health. The sinus infection was a symptom of poor alignment in my neck and back and she and created a comprehensive treatment plan for me. In addition to the infection, I had been living with modest back pain and discomfort and just never addressed the underlying cause. The sinus infection got me to see Dr. Knox, and I was so grateful for the treatment, I placed my trust in Dr. Knox to address the other issues she recognized. I am so glad I did!

The cost for the plan was largely covered by insurance and I paid a reasonable co-pay as I would with any other healthcare provider. Considering the significant time the staff spent with me and the fact that other doctors didn’t solve my issue, it was the best value I got in 2011!

The rest of the staff is awesome. I have always been welcomed warmly and knew I was in good hands no matter who I worked with that day. In addition to Dr. Knox, Dr. Allen is equally effective and concerned for the patient’s progress. The physical trainer, Steve, patiently instructs how SIMPLE exercises can strengthen your core and lead to overall better health. These people just know what they are talking about.

I haven’t even mentioned the massages, which are part of the treatment. All of the massage therapists are awesome and getting the regular massage along with the physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments make the trip getting to the South Loop worth it! (It’s pretty amazing to get a massage in the morning before going to work!)

I could have seen chiropractors closer to my home, but the care I received at Proper Balance combined with the bright, positive environment made the trip to the South Loop worth it.

-Don S

My Computer Was The Culprit

A lot of reviewers talk about injuries that precipitated going to Dr. Knox. For me, I found that just working at a computer about 5 hours a day is enough to push your body to the limits. I’m a 30-year old healthy woman but my posture was so-so and it was straining my lower back, feet, and knees. After a fair amount of easy-to-learn and non-strenuous exercises, my core became stronger, my neck was straighter (instead of nerd-like forward head posture) and my knees didn’t click anymore. They are incredible in their knowledge and in their manner. Dr. Christina Knox has a soothing, approachable quality and Dr. Steve Knox helps to push you further with a great sense of humor. Beyond the classic training of this chiropractic office, they also improve your overall health with cutting-edge awareness of ‘alternative medicine’. I wish it wasn’t called alternative; especially since it works!  Long story short: I have been 100% impressed with the quality of treatment from Proper Balance Healthcare and have thoroughly enjoyed the personalities and professionalism of the entire staff.

-Kathryn C

No More Headaches, No More Meds

I was a little skeptical about how helpful a chiropractor might be for treating my migraines. I have had them for 6 years and no other medical doctor has ever even mentioned that I try this type of treatment. I have been going for almost 2 months now with no migraines! I really can’t believe it. The greatest part?insurance covers the visits and they?re a completely natural approach! No more medications! I am really thankful that I found Dr. Knox and Proper Balance Health & Wellness Center…everyone there is super nice and helpful. I highly recommend them!

-Melaine D

Ten Years Of Earaches Gone

I’d been suffering from earaches for almost 10 years. In the months leading up to my visit to Dr. Knox, I was experiencing horrendous ear pain almost every day. Even when the pain wasn’t excruciating, it was still there, vaguely and annoyingly. My medical doctor offered little help and never made mention of chiropractic care. Olive oil in the ear was my only salvation. The oil helped, but only temporarily and who wants an oily ear all the time?? Dr. Knox used her state of the art equipment to pinpoint the source of my problems and the treatment has been outstanding! After just three months my ear aches are almost completely gone. When I started I would have given ANYTHING to not experience that pain every day and here I am feeling great. It really is amazing!

-Courtney W

Dr. Knox Saved Our Honeymoon

Eleven days before we left for our 3 week SCUBA diving honeymoon my husband could barely walk.  He has degenerating discs and has had back trouble before.  Dr. Knox and her team gave him treatments everyday and on the day we left he was upright, moving and basically good as new.  He was able to sit on planes for hours and SCUBA dive.  Thank you thank you thank you Dr. Knox!  I highly recommend Proper Balance for fixing problems and also back health maintenance.

-Meagan S

WOW, I Now Believe In Chiropractic

The only regret I have now that I’ve been to PBHC is not having given chiropractic care a chance sooner.  I never knew what “normal” was in terms of back and neck pain and now I do – it’s no pain!  I’ve spent 10 years of my life with back and neck issues and for the first time since then I can sit comfortably, sleep through the night and walk around feeling 100% awesome.  On top of the top notch care, the staff is incredibly kind.  I actually look forward to my appointments (even ones that don’t include massage :)).  I feel stronger and happier.  Thank you so much!

-Peggy S

My Quality Of Life Is Back

THE BEST CHIROPRACTOR IN CHICAGO!!! I highly recommend Proper Balance Healthcare! Dr. Knox, Steve and everyone there are awesome and very knowledgeable. Since I’ve started going there, my back and neck keep improving and making progress. I definitely recommend this place to everyone!!!

-Maria D.

Thanks Doc! I’ll Refer To You Any Day

I actually followed Dr Creevy-Knox from another chiropractor.  She has helped me to overcome some back pains from a car accident earlier in my life and even helped improve the curve in my neck.  I go once a month to maintain and am thinking about making that twice a month.  I feel so much better after an adjustment.

-Tim L.

I Can Sleep Through The Night

When I first came into Proper Balance, my back was really tight, I leaned towards my right side and was putting almost 12lbs more weight on my right leg and had a tough time sleeping.  Years of distance running, sitting on airplanes and in front of computers really took a toll on my body.

Dr. Knox (formerly Dr. Creevy), performed some tests to show me where I was out of alignment and developed a plan to help fix my problems and prevent future issues.  Now my weight is more evenly balanced, my back has more flexibility, and I sleep throughout the night without waking as much from back pain!  My health improvement is directly related to the amazing team at Proper Balance.  Dr. Knox, Steve and her staff do an amazing job at listening to what is hurting you and focuses on reducing the pain (without the use of medicine) as quickly as possible while showing you how to prevent it long-term.

The combination of Physical Therapy/exercises, the manual therapies (AKA massage!) and the normal alignment (when your bones crack and you feel this amazing sense of relief) and the periodic tests to measure your improvement have a high impact on the rate of your health improvement.

I will cut out cable TV and a few nights out to dinner before I stop going to Proper Balance, that is how beneficial they have been to my health.

PS: Try the water in the funky Nikken gravity water filter in front lobby, it is the best water I have ever had!.

-Bill C.

No Longer Dizzy With Jaw Pain

The pain I felt in my jaw, neck and head was literally dizzying at times. The two different ?specialists? I saw BOTH operated. The neurologist?s surgery actually made things worse. The Ear Nose and Throat specialist?s didn?t help one way or the other. The only answer either one could provide to me was that I?d just have to ?live with it?. The Vicodin and muscle relaxants they each sent me out the door with were not what I wanted to live my life addicted to. Why they didn?t suggest I try a safe, natural and medication-free approach like Chiropractic I?ll never know. I will never be able to thank Dr. Knox enough for getting me pain and prescription free. Oh, and my kids love her too, because daddy is no longer grumpy when he gets home at night and he actually plays with them!

-Gabe H.

A Future Without Constant Pain

I had foot and lower back pain for about three months before coming to Proper Balance Healthcare for treatment. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t exercise or stand for long periods of time.  It even interrupted my sleep! I initially saw an M.D. who ordered an X-Ray, an MRI and then simply put me on pain medications that did little to help me. Dr. Knox and Proper Balance have been my savior. The pain in my foot is 98% gone and without the use of any medications!  My friends say that my posture has even improved. I would recommend Dr. Knox to anybody that is suffering from pain that affects their quality of life!

-Cesar V.

A Doctor You Can Trust

I was routinely getting massage treatment while living overseas for neck tension as well as residual issues following a car accident and after moving to Printers Row I decided to give these guys a try.  I am very skeptical of chiropractors from time working at a major insurance company many years ago so I came in with less than an open mind.What I like about this place is that they utilize massage therapy, traditional PT exercise / training / ultrasound, and chiropractic care.  As a result of this combination approach I have been able to greatly increase my neck’s range of motion and core body strength.  Its a work in progress but definitely making it.Everyone there is a pleasure to deal with as well which is important in a long term relationship such as this.

-Chris R.

Dr Knox Delivers Knowledge & Compassion

I have spent about a year now as a patient of Dr. Knox, working through my chronic lower back pain. The evaluation she provided after my first visit really gave me the insight and understanding other doctors did not. She spent a good deal of time ensuring I knew what my degenerative disc disease meant. She was motivated and convinced she could help strengthen me in place of recommending back surgery like so many others jump to do. I knew the minute she said, “80% of your disc is gone and there is no fixing that but what we will do here is focus on getting that 20% strong enough to make this condition a great deal less painful and tolerable”, that she was exactly the Chiropractor for me.Her program, advice and adjustments have really improved my condition which previously, with other Chiropractors had not subsided at all. And it’s through her treatment I got a real education on balance and all that it means to back conditioning and strengthening.The kind of service and personal attention she provides is hard to come by and I’m big on great customer service. To give an example, there was once a Friday I was still at her office after which she had closed and a patient of hers arrived when the doors were locked. It seems he needed some sort of letter for his job and she took the time to let him in, write and sign this letter, instead of turning him down. This spoke volumes to me! She’s hard-working, personable and sincere. She knows her craft extremely well and talks you through everything she’s doing.Her massage therapy team is fantastic as well!

-Melissa M.

New Age Chiropractor

I’ve been to several chiropractors in my life, and I’ve always been nervous when they lay me on the table and crack my neck… I’ve never felt that way with Dr Creevy-Knox.
She does a holistic approach (not as hippie as it sounds) that involves massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic work. On top of that she encourages an overall wellness lifestyle.I love her office too! Its open and spacious with lots of light, it makes going there a pleasure (as opposed to an office with lots of walls and low ceilings). It sounds like an insignificant thing, the office space, but it really does effect how you feel when you walk out of there.
I’ve never been so happy with a chiropractor. I’m always walking out of her office with a smile on my face

-Juliana M.

Life Long Relief and Knowledge

I used to be dubious about chiropractic care, adjustments and the like.  But not anymore — after an efficient combination of massage, physical therapy, exercises and adjustments — i feel better than ever and have zero knee and hip pain – absolutely amazing – the doctors, therapists and LMTs are top notch here!  love this place — caters to your schedule, teaches you life-long habits for a more balanced lifestyle and future–

-Ashley G.

My Coworker Recommended Dr Knox To Me

I decided back in the early fall of 2011 it was time to get my life “aligned” so to speak.  A coworker recommended Proper Balance and Dr. Knox to me, so I decided to make an appointment and utilize their $35 new patient special.  I liked the idea of the special because it allows you to meet with the Dr. and discuss a possible plan before you commit fully.  My consultation with Dr. Knox was very comfortable and she gave me a thorough understanding of why I was experiencing some of the pain I was having (this consisted of very helpful diagrams and x-ray review).  She talked me through the approach they take which consists of a combination of massage, adjustments and physical therapy.  I was completely in favor of the plan and decided to involve my insurance at this point (as the duration was over a span of months).  As I began the program I saw the strength of my body increase.  By complimenting the adjustments with massage (for easing the transition) and physical therapy (to strengthen your weaker points) I saw a huge difference within a few weeks.  Please note, it is not overnight.  These things take time and there was some minor soreness in the beginning that eventually went away.  By the time I was near the end of my treatment I felt fantastic!  My back and neck felt strong, many of the aches and pains I was experiencing were gone, best of all I felt like I truly regained my quality of life.  I am now in maintenance and I make sure to go at least once a month.  As an aside, throughout my time in treatment I became very familiar with the team.  Dr. Allen is the other Dr. on staff and she was always up to speed on my progress, I felt comfortable whether I saw Dr. Knox or Dr. Allen.  Steve, the physical therapist, always made sure I was using the correct form and level of difficulty in my P.T. exercises.  Jess at the front desk always greeted me with a smile and answered any questions I had.  Lastly, Danielle W. is a fantastic massage therapist and I knew I would always feel great after having her for a session.  Even though I have been in maintenance for a number of months now, I continue to feel great and I always look forward to my visits to the Proper Balance team.

-Nicole V.