Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps promote a balanced lifestyle and has been proven an effective technique in preventative care and general wellness. Whether your preference is a relaxing Swedish, an invigorating Deep Tissue, a de-stressing Myofascial or a pressure relieving Pre-Natal, massage treatment just might be the perfect complement to your current regime.  Massage therapy is no longer just a luxury, but recognized as an effective treatment for several health conditions.

Types of Massage Services

Here are some of the massage techniques our specialsists use:

Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy Treatments

Consistent massage has a therapeutic effect on your body by acting on the nervous, muscular, circulatory, and lymphatic systems to improve and maintain physical function. Massaging your soft tissue helps boost lymphatic and circulation flow, reduce heart rate, stress relief, and promote relaxation and relieve pain.  At Proper Balance Healthcare, our licensed massage therapists will help you overcome migraines, back and neck pain, tingling and numbness, or any other conditions affecting your health. If you are searching for massage therapy services in Chicago, contact Proper Balance Healthcare Center at (312)765-0411 for quality care that will enhance your health and wellness today.